Sunset On A Lake

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Silver & Cherry Creek Jasper Necklace

When I saw this beautiful Cherry Creek jasper stone, it immediately inspired a story in my mind’s eye…

It was sunset in a far-away land, in a time long, long ago (isn’t that how all good stories begin?). I envisioned looking through a tangle of branches that hung low over the shoreline of a deep, blue-green lake, to the far shore and distant horizon line.

This tranquil scene, and the earthy color pallet of the jasper, inspired me to pair the stone with brass elements that were burnished with the patina of time; vintage brass beads and an antique coin matched perfectly. The rustic, hand-hammered and roll-printed back plate added to the feeling of antiquity. The pendant hangs from a brown, hand-braided, leather cord, ending in silver end caps and a 3 ½” extender chain. When you wear this statement-piece necklace, transport yourself to a beautiful, tranquil lake, in a far-away land…

​​Necklace Length:  20" to 23-1/2"
​Pendant Size: 3-3/4" long x 1-1/2" wide

Jewelry by Jan Gertley