Brown Trout

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Silver & Montana Moss Agate Necklace

Art imitating Nature, imitating Nature is the marvelous tale of this trout inspired necklace. Around 1890, brown trout were introduced to the Yellowstone River from Europe. The colors of these beautiful fish include shades of olive, brown, or yellow, accented with distinctive black spots.

In a twist of Nature imitating Nature, also residing below the rushing waters of the Yellowstone River lie Montana moss agate stones. These shimmering, translucent, semi-precious gemstones also contain streaks of brown and yellow tones accented with distinctive black spots. It was only natural that this agate, collected from the Yellowstone River and beautifully cut in the shape of a brown trout that lives in the very same waters, be made into this piece of wearable art.

The back plate of this layered pendant is cut out so the translucent beauty of the agate shines through. The trout's black onyx eye matches the agate's black spots as well as the black, hand-braided leather cords. May the great Yellowstone River and the brown trout always run wild and free and inspire others.

Necklace Length: 21-3/4"
​Pendant Size: 2-3/4" wide

Jewelry by Jan Gertley