Woodland Sprite

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Silver & Cherry Creek Jasper Necklace

Woodland Sprites are often mentioned in European legends, folklore and fairytales. These mythical, small beings are much like elves, fairies and pixies. Woodland Sprites are thought to be found deep in the forest living high up in the tree branches. As the stories go, they help the trees throughout the year plucking autumn leaves from the branches in fall and shaking snow from the branches in winter. "Sprite" comes from the Latin word "spiritus" or in French, "esprit", meaning joyful and full of life. It's no wonder trees enjoy the company of Woodland Sprites.

This forest-inspired pendant has small, cast silver twigs framing a set of beautiful, Cherry Creek jasper stones with patterns depicting tree branches in woodland earth tones. The large stone is backed with copper adding to the earthly color palette.  The hand-hammered, silver back plate hangs from a hand-braided, black leather cord and finished in silver endcaps and a lobster clasp. While wearing this fairytale necklace, we hope you feel the uplifting spirit of the woodlands.

​​Necklace Length: 19"
​Pendant Size: 4" long x 2" wide

Jewelry by Jan Gertley