Fall Ferns

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Silver & Fossilized Coral Necklace

Here in the temperate Pacific Northwest, we receive a lot of rain, drizzle and mist. In these perfect growing conditions, the forest floors are often covered in abundant moss and many varieties of ferns. One such fern is the bracken fern; their fiddle heads unfurl in the spring from single, sturdy stalks, to present fans of lacy, apple-green fronds. In autumn, as the tree leaves begin to change color, so do the bracken ferns. Their bright green hue turns to pale yellow, then tan, and finally to an earthy brown.

The stones in this necklace are fossilized sea coral, however, the lacy patterns in the large stone are reminiscent of the delicate bracken ferns in their soft, tawny, autumn colors. The silver setting has pierced-pattern cutouts and fabricated loops that guide a hand-braided, brown leather cord around the smaller fossilized coral stone. The cord ends terminate in silver end caps and a 3” extender chain. On the reverse side, the fern theme continues with inset, roll-printed, embossed silver plates also depicting the lacy look of fern fronds.

As the Fall days grow longer and the colder, the warm color palette of this necklace, paired with your favorite cozy sweater, will keep you toasty all season long.

​​Necklace Length: 17" to 21"
​Pendant Size: 3" long x 1-5/8" wide

Jewelry by Jan Gertley