Elk Thicket

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Silver & Cherry Creek Jasper Necklace

As elk herds wander, their habitats change seasonally, but it always consists of both woodlands for cover and open meadows for foraging. During the spring calving season, elk seek out dense brush and briar thickets to provide protection from predators. Often, the brush is so thick, a standing elk can barely be seen.

In this pendant, the coloration of the Cherry Creek jasper stone is reminiscent of an elk thicket; with its soft earth-tones and tangle of crisscrossing lines suggesting branches. Above, hangs just such a tangle of crisscrossing, cast-silver twigs nestling a sparrow-egg-blue turquoise stone. Swinging below the setting, on a sterling rope, is the tip of a natural-shed elk antler in identical, camouflaging hues. Hidden on the reverse side are the pierced tracks of the elusive elk. Hand-braided, earth-brown leather cords, hold the pendant. Celebrate the woodlands and the emergence of spring with this elk-inspired necklace.

​​Necklace Length:  21-1/2"
​Pendant Size: 3-3/4" long x 3" wide

Jewelry by Jan Gertley