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Silver & Golden Obsidian Necklace

Ravens are highly intelligent and remarkably adaptable birds; it’s no wonder they have been the subject of mythology and symbolism in numerous cultures over the centuries.  They survive in all seasons and in habitats as diverse as the Arctic tundra to Southwest deserts. The shiny feathers of these resilient, smart birds are as black as a moonless night.

Ravens were the inspiration for this golden obsidian necklace. When the light hits this deep-black stone, a golden sheen appears, much like the shiny feathers of a Raven. Swinging below the multi-layered silver setting is a hand-fabricated raven feather and stamped bead. Matching the stone, the pendant hangs from two black, hand-braided cords terminating in silver end caps with a hand-fabricated extender chain and hook clasp. Ravens are known to be attracted to shiny objects, perhaps you will be too!

​Necklace Length: 17-3/4" to 19"
​Pendant Size: 3-1/4" long x 1-3/4" wide

Jewelry by Jan Gertley